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The Befeni manufacture

All Befeni Custom-Tailored Shirts are made in our own manufactory. The Befeni team has over 10 years of experience in the production of customized textiles. Due to the exclusive cooperation with permanently employed tailors in Asia and our German production manager on site, we are able to offer you a consistently high quality at a very reasonable price.

Our factory differs considerably from the Asian production facilities you probably know from the media. We offer a high standard of cleanliness, free drinks, allowances for meals, as well as joint employee events with management and the executive board, which are completely unusual in Asia. All tailors are paid above average and receive additional compensation for any overtime worked.

Why Befeni is so favorable?

This question is very simple to answer. Our products are sold exclusively through direct sales and by trained consultants. You know Tupperware® or the Thermomix®? This is also the concept of Befeni. There are no costs for expensive store locations or elaborate marketing campaigns. All our fashion partners purchase the products directly from our in-house manufacture. The intermediate trade is completely eliminated. And you as the customer benefit from this cost saving.

The following film shows the path your shirt takes from the order to the finished product.

And if you would like to experience our products live in a great variety, you have the possibility to visit our showrooms and measuring points, which are run by selected independent fashion partners - or you just come to one of our fashion shows.

You enjoy fashion and want to earn money with Befeni? No problem. You can find further information in the section Become a partner.